What is xingfa aluminum door? Xingfa profiled aluminum includes several systems, the characteristics of each system

What is xingfa aluminum door?

Aluminum is a silvery-white metal with high strength and flexibility due to its high electrical and thermal conductivity. Therefore, aluminum is used in construction and construction projects such as houses, schools, resorts, etc.

High-grade aluminum profile xingfa aluminum profile, popularly used in the market. Hollow cavity structure combined with 2 reinforcing ribs running along the support

The most popular xingfa aluminum profile today is 100% imported xingfa aluminum from China. This type of aluminum has a red stamp of certification. However, with today’s fiercely competitive market. The status of fake aluminum and counterfeit goods a lot. Therefore, the trend of choosing domestically produced xingfa aluminum and being warranted by the company is trusted by the majority of users.

Yng Hua factory’s xingfa aluminum brand is a 20-year-old proof of sustainability. Sunspace is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Yng Hua aluminum profiles in Vietnam

Xingfa profiled aluminum includes how many systems and characteristics of each system?

  • Xingfa aluminum system 55: can combine two types of swing doors and swing doors
  • Xingfa aluminum system 63: Joining to create sliding folding doors
  • Xingfa aluminum system 65: Specialized for joining wall systems
  • Xingfa aluminum system 93: Used to install sliding door system

In addition, there are also 95 aluminium xingfa systems for sliding doors

Features of each system

55 . Aluminum xingfa system

High bearing capacity with thickness up to 2mm

Sound insulation, heat insulation with high tightness, good drainage

The surface is covered with high-grade electrostatic paint

Open inside or out as required

Using imported high-class metal accessories synchronously, ensuring the door operates smoothly

Use a variety of glass: single glass, safety glass, tempered glass, box glass, …

Xingfa aluminum system 93

The reason for the name aluminum xingfa 93 is because the profile bar has the largest width of 93 mm on the cross section. This section is calculated on the aluminum bar for the frame and door frame.

Aluminum system 93 is used as a sliding door. This is a method of optimizing space for narrow spaces. In addition, Xingfa 93 can also be used to create doors up to 2m wide. The door operates on a sliding wheel system so it is extremely safe.

Sound insulation, high temperature insulation, water drainage

Using metal clock accessories, make sure the aluminum door works smoothly

95 . Aluminum xingfa system

Aluminum thickness: 1.8 – 2 mm

The profile bar is box-shaped structure, divided into many empty compartments

The product is used to form sliding doors to save space for narrow spaces

65 . Aluminum xingfa system

Aluminum xingfa 65 is used to create partitions and walls. significantly reduces gravity compared to traditional brick walls for the house.

Application of aluminum profile xingfa

Application of 55 . aluminum xingfa system

One-way door


2-leaf door with fixed umbrella


2-wing revolving window with fixed box


2-leaf pop-up window


Applications of aluminum xingfa system 93

2-wing sliding window


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