Tips to choose shaped aluminum doors that suit the house

For the house, shaped aluminum doors play a very important role. In addition to factors shading, shading rain, ensuring safety for the architecture. Modern aesthetic factors and to decide whether you choose windows or not. So how to choose the best way. Read the article below to “save” these great tips

What is aluminum shaped door?

Modern aluminum doors are manufactured using advanced machining. The product structure includes: glass box, double washer system, accessories system, multidimensional lock. In which types of glass used: tempered glass, safety glass, heat-resistant glass are pumped inert gas. Accessories include: hinges, specialized locks for multi-dimensional opening and closing, 3D adjustment for high tightness of the door. One of the important parts that make up a door is the profile (including the door frame, door frame and puzzle). Additional materials that can be used: PVC, steel fault, wood.

Thanks to the superior properties that shaped aluminum increasingly used by users.

Shaped aluminum doors and great uses

Good protection of the house

Traditional aluminum door products often use bars between two layers of doors. However, today shaped aluminum doors are used with high-grade glass boxes with impact resistance, good compressive force. Tempered glass is a type of glass that is 4-5 times stronger than normal glass of the same type and thickness so it is difficult to break. In case of breakage, the safety glass with laminated film will keep the fragments still standing in the door frame, not falling out, so the possibility of being hacked is very difficult.

Absorb light

Because it is made of high quality aluminum glass. Shaped aluminum doors are able to absorb light well. Tao spacious and airy living space. This has a feng shui role to absorb talent into the home. Also beneficial to health for users. If you are afraid of light, you can easily use curtains to shield.

Avoid splashing, water repellent

A weakness that homeowners hesitate when designing houses is rain and water leakage into the house. Aluminum formed not only overcome the above situation but it also ensures your house is stable in the worst weather such as wind, storm, ..

Aluminum glass doors are designed based on the rubber gasket system to create a high tight towel. Along with the multi-point latch, users can adjust the door angle in a variety of ways. In addition, aluminum doors also have a soundproofing, noise-proof effect is a great solution for crowded cities.

Ensure air circulation for the room

In addition to easily adjust the angle to help breathable according to your taste. Aluminum and glass doors are also conveniently configured. Consumers shut down but still ensure the air is still fresh inside.

Tips to choose the right shaped aluminum door


Each shaped aluminum doors in general and windows in particular are designed with different features and uses. So before choosing you should consider and understand the features glass doors want to buy. Here are some types of doors you can refer to their features.

Aluminum doors turn open

The open aluminum window rotates at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees. Drought stripe designed to resist impact. Multi-point locking system. Windows thrown out increase the ability to absorb air, avoiding rain. This type of door is often used in low-rise buildings, families. The architecture is suitable for Asian classical and modern.

Aluminum sliding doors

Sliding aluminum windows are commonly used due to their space-saving properties and their ability to open and close quickly. 4-door system with soundproof, heat-proof glass, creating an overview of the outside environment. The advantage is worth mentioning is the relatively high safety, avoiding the risk of wind, sharp objects colliding

Diverse types of aluminum systems: 93 system, PTC system, 1088 system, 898 mosquito net, …

Suitable for all buildings, especially houses or buildings, high-rise apartment offices and views of the city, garden, river and sea.

Aluminum doors thrown

Pop-up windows have a modern and sophisticated design suitable for villas, high-rise buildings and offices. The product is favored because it can open the door to get light and wind while ensuring no water splashes into the house. At the same time when opening and closing does not affect the space and room use area.

Choose by color

The color of aluminum and glass determines the beauty of the house. However, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the structure of the building. So you can consult the construction experts, designers or manufacturers to choose the best way.

Top 5 most popular aluminum door colors today

  1. Black aluminum door
  2. Aluminum doors gray, gray
  3. Milky white aluminum doors
  4. Aluminum doors, wood color, imitation wood
  5. Aluminum aluminum doors, coffee colors, cockroach wings

Quality is above all else

This is considered the most important factor to decide whether you should buy aluminum doors or not. Quality aluminum profile will help your home in a sustainable way. So you need to find out the product information carefully. Choosing a brand name and reputation is the best way to avoid unnecessary risks. Should not because of personal preference or cheap desire to trade “money lost disability brought”. A house is beautiful and durable as it is owned by a set of quality and synchronized doors.

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