Auto Sliding Door

Main components in automatic door opening system

Normally, there will be two indispensable parts of an automatic door set, namely the motor and control circuit board, but there will be different designs depending on the structure of the supporting parts. However, among the types of doors, the most popular door model is the automatic sliding door.

Here are some structures including the main parts of a set automatic door:

Alloy aluminum rails

The rail box, also known as aluminum alloy rail, contains all parts such as: controller, motor, belt, etc. It has a length of 3m to 6m to meet the size for large aisles when used. used, made of rust-resistant aluminum alloy.

Remote control

The control board, also known as the controller, processes data quickly, can be connected to alarms, surveillance cameras because it has a timer switch, settings for opening speed and door keeping time.


The motor helps to receive the signal from the circuit board and the motion of pulling the door to open / close automatically according to the signal.


Automatic door belts are divided into two types: steel core belts and umbrella core belts. Because the inside of the belt is placed with high quality sturdy steel stubs, the steel core belt will be more durable.