Selection of durable and beautiful aluminum glass door

Freedom loving, “romantic” person likes houses with many glasses. Then, living space will have many spacious transparent spaces, plentiful of fresh light and close to nature.

Before selecting to buy, it should ensure each focusing details on glass to meet the creativeness of design drawings. Transparent doors generate flexible opening and closing effectiveness, dividing or connecting of functioning spaces by specific need of users at different periods.

With large building, spacious living space, glass wall and aluminum glass door with large size, in combination with turning windows will generate solid structures and high loading capacity.  Besides the selection of homogeneous surface and diversified color will meet the aesthetic of the house.


Good aluminum glass door will be sustainable for 20 years.

Before, the architecture and house owners usually hesitate to install aluminum glass doors for houses because of high cost. However, with nowadays competitive market, it helps the price of high ranking aluminum glass door gradually be suitable to the budget of many households.

Besides the beauty of aluminum glass doors, house owner should pay attention to duration and safety of the door. The expert advice to select thick aluminum tempered glass besides; it should better to find prestige manufacturers to ensure quality of the products, providing good installation, maintenance services.

In the market, there are two kinds of import and fabricated aluminum. Direct import aluminum door usually has higher price than fabricated aluminum but with elegant design and guarantee on quality. For example, aluminum Shueco door imported from Germany has been preferred by many architeturers, after 15-20 years of using still the sustainable beauty for the work is still ensured.

Mr. Long tells the user normally to pay attention on the thickness of glass and aluminum profile but it is not enough. Transparent glass frame should be in attachment with good accessory, sustainable and light smooth operation and bear high using frequencies. Therefore, other important criteria when procurement of aluminum glass door is selecting metal accessory warranty more than 10 years.

Accessories comprise knobs, joints imported from Europe with longevity more than 10 years. If it is fabricated, doors may be not closed tight, poor heat and sound proof capacity, aesthetic factors are also restricted. Besides, low compact bearing capacity also makes the door easy to be deforming when meeting big pressure from wind or collision.


Handle operates smoothly will prolong life time of the door.

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