How to distinguish XINGFA aluminum and profiled aluminum?

What is aluminum xingfa?

Xingfa aluminum is currently a good choice to replace wooden doors. You can understand Xingfa Aluminum is a high-grade aluminum profile bar, they have a structure with many empty cavities and have a combination of 2 reinforcing ribs running along the support.

Xingfa Aluminum grades include different systems such as: 55; 63; 65; ninety three; 140… In the current Chinese market, this type of aluminum with the red label is having the best value, only then will other domestic aluminum products be taken into account.

How many types of aluminum xingfa are there?

Unlike other types of aluminum on the market, xingfa aluminum has only one genuine type of Guangdong 100% (also known as red stamp xingfa), the life of this aluminum xingfa is very high, beautiful and durable. As for all other types of Xingfa aluminum without origin, clearly originating from Guangdong, are fake Xingfa aluminum of poor quality, with very low life and durability.

Xingfa aluminum has some typical colors

As for the main color, Xingfa aluminum is quite rich and diverse. But the most popular prominent colors on the market today are grainy brown, porcelain white, wood grain color, jet black, blue…

Some simple Xingfa aluminum door models

Together with Viet Duc aluminum scrap purchasing company, we can refer to some popular imported Xingfa aluminum door models today.

Xingfa and Dinh Hinh

Popular aluminum door model today

Xingfa and group picture 1

Current model of aluminum door

Shaped aluminum

What is aluminum profile?

The main profiled aluminum is a silvery-white metal that is soft and has high electrical and thermal conductivity. These types of aluminum bars have undergone a metal treatment process called aluminum profiles. Scientists and engineers have developed all the properties of aluminum to match the requirements of creating products that are suitable for industrial use.

+ Their accessories include: accessories such as angle brackets, couplings, nuts and rubber grooves.. they help to firmly bond aluminum to other components and can ensure that the aluminum profile system is stable at all times. to form a unified whole.
+ Size: aluminum profiles have many aluminum sizes 20×20, 30×30, 30×60…for customers to choose freely.
The application of aluminum xingfa can be used as doors, used in the production of assembly lines, manufacturing automotive parts and in industry …

Advantages of aluminum profiles

– Aluminum profile is precisely designed, has a lot of diverse and rich designs and is suitable for each type of product. Compared with other types of aluminum materials, aluminum profiles have many outstanding advantages.

family picture

Pictures of aluminum profiles

– Aluminum profiles can also create products with beautiful designs, luxurious and impressive designs, which can create a comfortable and ideal space.

– When used in construction, aluminum profiles will promote all their superior functions, withstand strong forces, harsh weather and wind pressure, do not warp, warp corners. .

– Profiled aluminum can now be assembled with all types of glass doors on the market. Because they are diverse and popular in terms of products, it is very easy for customers to choose to suit their life needs.

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