About Us

Cua Viet Company Limited – Companion with Vietnamese household

Cua Viet Company Limited was founded in 2001, precursor was an aluminum glass, Xingfa aluminum, tempered glass designing, constructing and assembling company. Cua Viet is an enterprise specializes in importing – distributing interior materials, completely designs & constructs construction projects, residence households in Hai Phong and Vietnam’s Nothern Region like: Xingfa aluminum glass door, tempered glass, void facade glass edge, tempered glass edge, automatic glass door, smart electric door -glass edge, tempered glass stair – railing…

Our motto “Vui lòng khách đến – Vừa lòng khách đi”

(Customers come or go, you always be satisfied)

The importance of choosing reliable supplier

Nowadays, there are many different Xingfa aluminum door, tempered glass suppliers on the market, leads to competitive prices in order to attract customers. However, with the time usage of Xingfa aluminum door, tempered glass system up to 10 years, it is not guarantee for retail suppliers to accompany with you during the whole project and capable of maintenance when the system encounters malfunctions.

Living space decides living quality! A beautiful, well-ventilated, lots of sunshine house with open space will be an ideal living space for all family members. Knowing this trend, AUTHENTIC IMPORTED XINGFA ALUMINUM, ANGEL WINDOW ALUMINUM and VIET – FRANCE ALUMINUM products were and are welcomed as the high-grade, luxury, safe aluminum door system that qualified Europe standard, meet the strict and high demand technical, aesthetic requirements while still suitable for Vietnamese’s living custom.